Military Discounts Offered at Over 200 Major Retailers Nationwide

As a way of saying “Thank You,” and giving back to our military personnel many big box retailers and service oriented companies offer military discounts to active, retired and reservists.  This is a voluntary effort on the part of business owners so keep in mind that not all locations may offer discounts and of course discounts can vary from state to state.  It is well worth your while to always ask a store whether they offer a military discount as most stores that offer discounts do not advertise it.  Also, be sure to carry your military ID on you so that you may provide proper identification when making your purchase.

Spread the word to family and friends via Facebook and Twitter or email those that you know who may directly benefit from these discounts.  You can read more about this effort and find a comprehensive list of retailers/restaurants/service contractors that are currently known to be offering discounts to our military personnel.   Find a pdf/printable version of this list at the link below.


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